Luna Ignis Sooooo Enticing Powder

Luna Ignis is our inhouse award winning brand. We use the contents of our famous apothecary as a basis our powders, Pat then blends them with intention and according to correspondences. For spell jars, mojo bags or situational spells to affect place.
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Soooooo Enticing powder is formulated and blended to attract, seduce or manifest your desires! Carry it in a mojo bag to attract a lover. Sprinkle it on the doorstep or car of someone you hope to attract! Dress a pink or red candle with it to manifest your desire!

Spell powders are great situational ritual tools. Problem with a colleague? - Sprinkle them at their place of work? problem with neighbors? - Sprinkle the powders on their doorstep or porch or under their welcome mat. Want to change someone's behavior? - Sprinkle the powder in their car, or on a letter you mail to them! Also great to put on candles in candle magick or in spell jars or mojo bags.

Blended by our own Pat, who has been a practicing witch since the 1980's! She has led the MoonFire coven since the 1980's, hiving enough sister covens to be ordained a "witch queen". Pat uses the ingredients in our famous apothecary, according to correspondences she blends them with intent and power!