Luna Ignis Protect Oil

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Handmade steeped spell craft anointing oils to compliment our award-winning fine resin based incense blends for traditional witchcraft, wicca, and the occult. Made with intention according to correspondences and the ingredients in our famous apothecary.
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Our classic and original Luna Ignis series of intentional spell craft oils! Old school! The early batches of these would steep on the hearth of our open fire at our covenstead over the winter. Each fire would warm the oil and release the oils from the herbs and resins added ritually! Use Protect oil for rituals and workings of protection and warding magick!

Hand made by Pat and Paul, who are skilled initiates, and lovers of fine resins, herbs and oils. Paul was taught incense blending 20 years ago by a true Master Of The Temple, Frater Upowat of Aum Ha Lodge in Chicago.

We only buy the finest herbs, resins, aromatic woods from specialist importers. Our apothecary boasts 350 herbs, 125 essential oils and a huge selection of fine and rare resins. Some herbs we even grow ourselves such as the highly sought after baneful herbs such as belladonna. These are skillfully combined with magickal intention and correspondences for the use in spells and ritual by pagans, witches, wiccans, traditional witchcraft practitioners and heathens everywhere!

Luna Ignis incense blends were awarded Pagan Product Of The year by Jason Mankey, they are also endorsed and loved by Thorn Mooney and other well known witches! Our anointing oils are designed to accompany our famous incense blends and are especially of use to those that cannot burn incense.

We use the very finest resins, herbs, essential oils and aromatic woods from all over the world. Each of our anointing oils is designed for a specific intent or devotional purpose, using cabbalistic and traditional correspondences to ensure the ingredients perfectly align.

Our oils are carefully steeped for many months.

Anointing oils are situational – they are designed to be put on people, places, and things to protect or manifest.

Add power to your ritual and fall in love with the fragrances! These will please the gods and goddesses and forces  you invoke. For serious practitioners of ritual magick, wicca, traditional witchcraft and ceremonial magick and the occult.