Luna Ignis Dragon's Blood Ink

Dragons blood ink is traditionally used to empower written spells and chants. Ours is hand made by Pat from real authentic Dragon's Blood resin. Use to inscribe magical seals, sigils, spells and talismans. Ours comes in a four dram bottle with a brush.
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Dragon’s Blood resin is sacred to Mars and is the principle incense resin of the god of courage and war! It has the property of enhancing most any magickal working, and Dragon’s Blood ink is similarly versatile. Prepare a sheet a paper (our parchment papers are excellent for this purpose) and write out your command, desire, or oath. Dragon’s Blood is a really an all-purpose tool, but is most traditionally employed for spells of protection, luck, courage, and power. Also good for all things where male energy is required.

Ours is hand made by Pat from the real authentic and high quality Dragons Blood in our famous apothecary. There are a lot of cheap man made substitutes out there masquerading as "Dragons Blood", so have a care and rest assured ours is the real deal and very fine!

Ours comes in a four dram bottle which includes a brush inside should you lake a suitable fountain pen or quill.