Luna Ignis Ceramic Large Witch Bottle Red For Fire

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These lovely witch pots are for altars to hold offerings, incense, herbs or for spell jars or spirit traps. Hand thrown by our witchy potter each is unique and colored for the four elements. Based on a design from the famous witchcraft museum in Cornwall.
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Spell Jars are not new. Container magick is an old tradition and goes back through old school traditional cottage witchcraft. Witch pots were used for counter cursing and blasting, and these days are used for a whole manner of spells! They were also used for spirit traps and wards. Ours are based on a design in the famous witchcraft museum in Boscastle in Cornwall, England. They are elemental colored.

Our tame witchy potter, Lynne was commissioned to make ours, and also makes our popular incense burners, oil diffusers, ceramic chalices and ink bottles!

Many use empty jars or mason jars for spell jars…. But old school magick says you get out of your spell what you put in, so using the best tools and ingredients is always the way to go! Why use an empty sauce bottle when you can have a hand thrown witch pot of traditional design hand made by a witch in the elemental color that best suits your intention and desire?

Lynne hand throws each piece on her potter’s wheel! Decorates them with symbols and sigils! And glazes them by hand before firing!

Each is approximately 3.5 to 4 Inches high and 2 inches in diameter, although as each is unique and hand thrown this may vary by as much as half an inch. The glaze on each one is also different, so the shade may not exactly match the one pictured. Please remember these are literally all unique and NOT mass manufactured, therefore you will get one like the one in the picture but not exactly the same!

The neck will take a standard wine bottle cork (not supplied).