Luna Ignis Peach wand Damona

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Hand carved wooden wand. The wood was responsibly and respectfully cut from a branch of one of the classic trees of Celtic tree lore in America after asking and blessing the tree. Seasoned for a year and then carved and sanded. For witchcraft and wicca.
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This wand is approximately 11 inches in length.

Sacred to Venus, in fact ALL fruiting trees are sacred to Venus. Therefore peach is a wand for rituals and spell craft of love, desire, sex, fertility, lust, regeneration, nurturing and healing!

Peach signals a time when our wishes are fulfilled, at least for the moment. Peach reflects happiness in all areas of our life and the satisfaction that comes from being at peace with our health, work, love and relationships. Peach also reminds us to stay grounded during this time in order to not get carried away in our fantasies.

Peaches are seen as the fruit of immortality, and the wish for a long and healthy life. In Chinese mythology peaches were eaten by the “eight immortals” during an extravagant banquet called the “Feast of the Peaches.”

The divine Queen Mother of the West (Xi) would hold this feast every 6000 years in honor of her birthday. The mortal Jade Emperor (Wu) co-hosted the banquet. Together they symbolize the divine and mortal aspects of life coming together in oneness, which is infinite. The peach tree is native to China where fossilized remains have been found that date back 2.6 million years.

During the Renaissance, many European artists symbolically painted peaches to represent the heart with an attached leaf as a symbol for the tongue. This motif implied that speaking truth from one’s heart was also good for one’s health.

Peach represents the completion of something we have wished for, a dream we have held or a goal we have achieved.  This is a time of emotional fulfillment that brings a new sense of joy and happiness. By expressing gratitude for all the blessings in our life we are able to make even more wishes come true. Overall, this is a time of positive and protective energy especially as it pertains to our heart. By staying true to our heart our ultimate wish becomes clear.

Paul and Pat’s Covenstead in Michigan is home to many gorgeous fruiting trees. And our whole area is famous for its peach, cherry and apple orchards! Paul tries to preserve as much of the under bark as he can, the fruit trees have gorgeous under bark colors and strong grains! Peach especially has a gorgeous purple bark with an amazing white under bark then a glorious bright orange wood with a strong grain!

Each of Paul's wands are unique. There is no plan beforehand, the wand is allowed to manifest as it wills, Paul just helps it along.

Wood is of course a natural product. Paul works with the branch, interesting boles, cracks, are incorporated and left by design. Paul also never removes all the bark, as like skin it comes in many layers and some of the lower layers have their own gorgeous color and details!
Oiled with one of our award winning Luna Ignis brand range of anointing oils to protect the wood and make the grain pop!

Long before Paul was ever a blacksmith he carved and was a wandsmith. Before even Artes And Craft opened as a witchcraft store, Paul was making wands and selling them at pagan festivals and gifting them to friends. Being English, Paul would often cut wood when visiting England and return to the USA with some of the most famous classical Celtic magick woods of Ogham lore. In fact, this was one of the founding principles of Artes And Craft, was to bring beautiful ritual tools and goodies from the old world to pagans in the new world. Paul loves crafting heirloom quality unique ritual tools for pagans, druids, ceremonial magicians, Traditional witchcraft and wicca.