Vision Eclipse Oil

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Quadrivium Oils are hand-made ritual oils, created according to traditional tables of correspondence, the lunar calendar and Chaldean planetary hours. One of the most sought after and expert makers of ritual spell craft oils. For witchcraft and wicca
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Vision oil is intended to assist with divination of any kind.  It was created with intuition-specific oils and herbs just as the Lunar Eclipse of a Blood Moon ended completely.  This particular Blood Moon was also a Hunter’s Moon, so named because the light it sheds is bright enough to allow nighttime hunting.  The oil’s creation was timed to provide a very strong boost to divinatory efforts - made at a time of revelation, during a lunar event traditionally used for finding what is hidden.

Made by respected ceremonial magician, Beatrice!

The Picatrix is one of the most famous of grimoires. It came out of Persia when the Arabic world was much more advanced than Europe! The Picatrix details exact astrological timings for the making of talismans and ritual tools. These expertly crafted anointing oils are highly respected and made unto the instructions in the Picatrix.

Selected oils are electional, created at times considered favorable for a particular purpose, determined by an expert astrologer.  Others are created during particular astrological events, such as eclipses and planetary conjunctions.