Three Kings Charcoal Small

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The BEST charcoal disks for burning resin incense or loose incense and herbs. Also good for hookahs and bongs! These smaller 33mm disks burn for over an hour. Use them in ritual or to enjoy our award winning Luna Ignis brand of resin based incense!
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This is the only brand we carry and the only brand Paul and Pat use at home!

Three Kings burn reliably and for a long time.

Paul has used other brands and found some actually exploded on him in ritual due to uneven saltpeter distribution (saltpeter is what makes the disks light). Which can cause fires and is alarming and can break your concentration during ritual and spell craft!

They come in a foil pack of 10 and burn for over an hour. The top has a round bowl for your incense or herbs and the bottom is rounded to allow air to aid the burning process.

Many folks snap the disks in half, so you get 20 burns in a pack.

NOTE! Keep your disks in a zip lock baggie when not in use. Folks sometimes call the store and say their disks no longer light quickly…. This is because they are SPONGES for humidity and will take water out the air and become damp. So, if you live in a humid location keep them in an airtight baggie or box!

Burn them to enjoy our famous and award-winning Luna Ignis brand of fine resin incense. Or to enjoy the rare and high quality hard to find incense resins in our famous apothecary! We stock 13 types of Frankincense alone! Including many rare and delicious strains!