Nephrite Jade Chips 1oz (Crystal Chip Bar)

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Our crystal bar is well stocked with “A” quality or higher polished tumbled chips! WE insist on the best and only stock A class or higher crystals at Artes And Craft!

Please refer to our full selection of 250 tumbled crystals for all the metaphysical, healing and witchcraft uses for each type of crystal!

Jar and bottle magick is very popular and these are perfect for that work!

Also use in mojo bags, mix crystals for different intentions, and carry them with you or gift them to those who need healing or a little magick.

Also use them in candle magick, dress candles with them to boost your spell craft!

Beautiful in offering bowls on your altar!

Ever held a large public ritual where you want all the attendees to take a boon home with them?!?! This is the perfect low cost option as these little chips go a long way!

We will measure you an ounce of crystals for the price.