Native Soul Palo Santo & Copal Incense Sticks

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Native soul banishing and smudging stick incense by Green Tree is one of the most popular stick incense brands for wiccans, witches and pagans we sell! Beautifully crafted and presented, packaged with a feather! Gorgeous scents of classic cleansing herbs.
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The perfect ritual banishing stick incense for modern pagans, witches and wiccans or anyone looking to create calm and sacred space! Seeking a way to cleanse your space and uplift your mood? Green Tree Native Soul Incense is one of our best sellers! Made by the trusted brand Green Tree, this 15 gram package of healing smudge is the perfect addition to your spiritual toolkit.

15 gram packs of stick incense typically have approx 15 sticks inside.

Experience the power of these traditional indigenous spiritual cleansing herbs in simple stick form. Simply light the incense and let the fragrant smoke purify your surroundings, creating a peaceful atmosphere for meditation or refreshing your living space. It is even beautifully packaged with a small feather to help your smudging!

With its soothing aroma and healing properties, Green Tree Native Soul Incense is a must-have for anyone looking to calm and connect with their inner self and feel the positive energy flow after banishing negativity and erasing the old and unwanted!

Use before rituals to invoke or manifest! Banishing, cleansing, and smudging are typically the first step in spell craft! Like a white board eraser, a good spiritual cleansing gets rid of the remains of previous ritual and spell craft energies and entities.