Luna Ignis Witches Whisk

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Blackberry Witches Whisk Smudge for cleansing, banishing negativity and circle casting for witchcraft, wicca and pagans. Handmade sacred witches whisk smudge hand made from dried blackberry stalks at midsummer by a skilled witchcraft practitioner.
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Smudging has become very popular in the witchcraft, wicca and pagan community.

Many are concerned about cultural appropriation from the indigenous sacred smudging ceremony.

Others worry that sacred white sage is being over farmed and gathered.


Many cultures have their own equivalent.

In traditional cottage English Witchcraft the witches whisk was and is used! Made from dried blackberry stems, gathered at the peak of the potency when fruiting. Bound with red thread, red is the color of power and protection and manifestation in traditional witchcraft! 

Gemma Gary, famous author on English traditional witchcraft, says that the whisk was used by the witch to dance around the edge of her circle, weaving in and out of the circles boundary, one foot in the liminal and one in the mundane (just like hedge riders). Pretty much just like smudging a circle before ritual or smudging people in and out.

So give this traditional English alternative a try!

Handmade by us, from the wealth of wild blackberry on our covenstead, cut at midsummer and dried in our drying shed over the winter!