Hecate Flame Athame English Graveyard Yew with Triquetra

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Handmade unique brass flame shaped Hecate athame. English Graveyard Yew handle from a 12th century Saxon church. Yew is sacred to Hecate. A perfect ritual dagger and athame for witchcraft, wicca and devotees of Hecate, the forces of Saturn and Necromancy.
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This athame, perfect for Hecate, Necromancy, traditional witchcraft and wicca and has a real Graveyard Yew Handle from England. 9.5 inches in total length, of which the blade is 5 inches.

One of the most popular witchcraft tools and ritual daggers that Paul, our blacksmith handmakes. Brass is not forged, it is annealed instead, and most of the work is done via griding and polishing.

Close to where Paul grew up in the county of Kent in England there is an ancient church on a ley line. It was a place of druids and Saxons before the coming of Christianity. The church is named after a 9th century Saxon princess with a very pagan folk story about her magick white stag. In the graveyard is a huge and ancient grandfather Yew tree. Paul hand cuts the wood after first blessing the tree and assuring it that its gift will be turned into a beautiful and powerful heirloom tool. The wood is always cut cleanly so as to not hurt the tree. Its is seasoned for over a year.

Celts and druids worshipped in groves, and planted yews as their sacred trees. Many ancient churches in England were deliberately placed on top of the old Celtic groves and the old Yew trees remain.

Yew is also the most sacred tree to Hecate and is also sacred to the forces of Saturn and is used for Necromancy.

Devotees of Hecate or practitioners of Necromancy will love these unique handmade heirloom ritual witchcraft athames. Hecate is a liminal goddess and crosses the realms between the living and the dead, very helpful not just for necromancy, but Hecate is also queen of the witches. No wonder this is one of the most popular ritual daggers that Paul crafts!