Goth: The Guide for Babybats and Beyond

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Being Goth is a misunderstood culture and often is difficult for both adults and the newly introduced individual.
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Often they don’t know how to cope with so many issues from how to react to people who don’t understand them, to what to even wear! Adrienne Gomez shares her depth of understanding of the joys and pitfalls of living as part of a counterculture . Dark Moon Press is proud to bring you her detailed thoughts on how to talk to parents about being Goth, how to contend with bullying at schools. Adrienne shares her expertise on fashion and make up tips. The authors warm personality and witty commentary will entertain you., as she covers a wide area of growing up Goth, from her high school and into college years.

About the Author
Ligeia Resurrected is a model for Dark Moon Press and an internet blogger, famous for her YouTube videos on Gothic lifestyle, fashion and music reviews. The author is the singer Ligeia Resurrected of the album Black Diamond, produced by Dark Moon Productions. You can catch her at: