Fire Agate

Fire Agate for Wicca, Witchcraft, Paganism and Crystal Healing provides stability and balance. Represents life force and helps ward off negative energies. Promotes physical and mental health. Carry as an Amulet, Talisman, in a Mojo Bag, or use in Ritual.
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Fire Agate is a gemstone that is believed to provide stability and balance in times of emotional upheaval. This stone is thought to represent the life force within us and helps ward off negative energies while promoting physical and mental health.

As a symbol of protection, Fire Agate is an excellent tool for those looking to improve their lives spiritually or emotionally. Its vibrant colors and properties make it a highly sought-after gemstone for those seeking inner peace and support from their community.




Mars and Mercury


Aires, Leo, Sagittarius




We have a large inventory and will hand pick the nicest one we have in stock for your order.

The size of each piece is approximately 1” by ¾” by 3/4” BUT, as our suppliers sometimes vary the size of the stones we receive, they may be slightly larger or smaller than this.