Egyptian Mini Statue - Amun (Bronze)

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L: 1-1/2" W: 1-1/2" H: 3-3/8" || Painted Polystone || Egyptian god of the wind and the patron god of Thebes
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Amun is one of the members of Egyptian primordial gods (The Hermopolitan Ogdoad), he rose to the position of the King of Gods and later merged his identity with the sun god Ra and became Amun-Ra.  Initially, Amun is the god of wind and the patron god of Thebes; after Thebes became the capital of the New Kingdom, the pharaohs attributed all of their successes to Amun.  Following the beginning of the New Kingdom, Amun was hailed as the King of Gods who created all things, including himself; he became the guardian of the poor, the god of Justice, and the god who controls multiple aspects of the entire universe.


Material: Painted Polystone

L: 1-1/2"
W: 1-1/2"
H: 3-3/8"