Luna Ignis Hand Forged Celtic Runic Compass Vegvisir Amulet Pendant

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Hand forged unique iron amulet pendant and for witchcraft, paganism and wicca. Each is made by our pagan blacksmith in Michigan. The amulet is shaped by hand, beveled and with a brushed finish. Pagan, Celtic, witchcraft, ceremonial magick and wicca design
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Hand forged by Paul in Michigan.

This one is a Runic Compass Vegvisir design!

Every piece is unique, so the one you get will look very similar to the one in the picture but will not be exactly the same. These are literally made by hand by a working USA pagan blacksmith and NOT a cheap knock off mass produced by a machine press in India or China!

The bail is suitable for a leather strap, wax cord or chain (not included).

Each is approximately 1.25 inches wide and 1.5 inches long with the bail.

Paul starts with 1.25 inch wide iron bar stock he uses for his famous athames and bolines! He then heats the bar to 1800 degrees and stamps the design and forges and shapes the bail. Once cooled he then grinds a bevel around the edge to catch the light and smooth the edges, and uses special ceramic sanding belts to bevel the edges and smooth the face, he does this down to 400 (fine grit). The pendant is then brushed with a 4000 rpm wire brush.

A gorgeous hand forged ritual jewelry adornment and amulet for pagans, heathens, witches, wiccans, asatru and lovers of things Celtic and magick!