Cunning Craft Iron Athame Pentacle with Oak Handle

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Hand forged unique artisan athame or witches’ dagger, forged by our pagan blacksmith for traditional witchcraft, Asatru, wicca and ceremonial magick. Forged from iron this is a heirloom quality ritual tool and weapon. The handle is hand carved
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Paul’s Cunning Craft range of athames is part of our commitment to inflation busting Every Day Witch Prices. EDWP! These are unique hand forged heirloom quality witches daggers and athames with hand carved wood handles using the sacred woods of the Celtic Ogham. As Paul’s skills and creativity have grown over the years his artisan range of ritual witchcraft tools with complex artistic embellishments, crystals and complex finishes can run into $100s… The Cunning Craft range are elegant, simple, and beautiful, but without fuss and embellishments and of smaller size, perfect for the smaller hand, altar and modest budget. If you want one of Paul’s unique pagan ritual weapons but are minding your pennies then this is a great place to start!

This athame, perfect for traditional witchcraft, ceremonial high magick  and wicca was forged from iron. The blades are detailed with various classic pagan symbols of magick, power and protection.  

Each is approximately 7.5 – 8 inches in total length, of which the blade is 3.5 inches and the handle is 4 to 4.5 inches.

This one is stamped with a pentacle.

The handle is hand carved from Oak! Solar in nature! King of the forest! For success, strength, prosperity and health!

Paul cuts all the wood himself. He asks and blesses the tree first and assures the tree that it’s gift will be used to create beautiful heirloom ritual tools. The tree is cut with sharp tree snips to ensure the tree is not damaged and will continue to thrive. After a year or more of seasoning, Paul hand carves the handles himself and sands them to a fine furniture finish of 300 grit. The handle is then oiled with our Luna Ignis anointing oils to make the grain pop and to protect the wood.

Unique hand forged heirloom quality athame by our pagan blacksmith. Paul is a practitioner of traditional witchcraft and ceremonial magick for 40 plus years.

Iron is sacred to Mars.

In Ceremonial magick and some witchcraft traditions the dagger or athame represents the element of air and therefore used to control, banish, or destroy.

In some Wicca traditions the athame represents the element of fire and is perfect for a weapon of manifestation and circle casting.

The Tubal Cain mythos also has iron as a tool of our will and apostasy, Yahweh after the expulsion from Eden told Adam and Eve they would have to scrabble among the thorns for their food... But Tubal Cain, 7th son of Cain had other ideas and discovered the working of iron and became the first blacksmith. To the Tubal Cain currents of witchcraft iron is therefore a tool of our will.

In Traditional English cottage witchcraft the Fae Folk are scared of iron and therefore iron tools can be used to protect against or control the Fae.

Each of Paul's athames are unique. There is no plan beforehand, the athame is allowed to manifest as it wills, Paul just helps it along.