Luna Ignis Artisan Brass Pendulum Hand Crafted with Neolithic Spiral

Hand forged unique brass pendulum for witchcraft, paganism and wicca. Crafted by our pagan blacksmith in Michigan. Made by hand, beveled, and polished, stamped on both sides with pagan designs. Antiqued chain. For divination and fortune telling.
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Hand crafted by Paul in Michigan.

Paul’s artisan witchcraft pendulums are very popular! They are stamped with a pagan symbol on both sides onto a blank cut by Paul by hand. They are then rounded on a grinder and beveled. Then highly polished. Gorgeous, one of a kind and heirloom quality.

Every piece is unique, so the one you get will look very similar to the one in the picture but will not be exactly the same. These are literally made by hand by a working USA pagan blacksmith and NOT a cheap knock off mass produced by a machine press in India or China!

The silver look chain is antiqued with an intricate basket weave ball.

The pleasing weight of the metal is absolutely perfect for a pendulum and Paul has received a lot of feedback that these are great pendulums!!

Approximately 1.5 inches long and 1 inch wide, with the chain being approx. 7 inches long.
Paul starts with 1 inch wide iron bar stock he uses for his famous athames and bolines! He then stamps the design and drills the hole for the chain. He then grinds a bevel around the edge to catch the light and smooth the edges, and uses special ceramic sanding belts to bevel the edges and smooth the face, he does this down to 1000 grit (extreme fine grit).

The pendulum is then polished to a mirror finish on a buffing wheel down to 8000 micro grit aka jeweler’s polish. They are so shiny that they reflect the sky which is why they appear blue in the photos!!

A gorgeous and very unique artisan ritual divination and fortune telling tool for pagans, heathens, witches, wiccans, Asatru and lovers of things Celtic, occult, pagan and magick!