Three Brown Chime Spell Candles At 35c Each

Set of three Popular 4" mini spell or chime candles for spell work. Ritual tool for traditional witchcraft, wicca and modern paganism. Our prices are hard to beat at 35c each! Visualize your desire, push it into the candle, light it up and so mote it be!
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These popular little 4” candles burn for about an hour and are extremely popular in modern witchcraft, wicca and ceremonial magick.

Facebook and Instagram have a rule that we cannot sell items for less than $1.00 But our prices are some of the lowest anywhere and our chime candles are only 35c!! So we have to sell them as a set of three on FB and IG! If you only want one then please use our web site!

Pick the color that matches your intention, dress the candle with oils, powders and herbs if desired, or scratch words, names or symbols into the candle using an athame or one of our popular burins or candle scribes!

Charge the candle with your desire/will. Either on an altar charging plate or pentacle or in your hand. “push” the energy you raise and your visualized outcome into the candle. Light it up and let it burn!

Always practice safety with candles, if left unattended then make sure it is on a surface that will not burn, or in falling over that there is nothing in reach that might burn.

BLACK Protection, revenge, cursing, discipline, needed change
WHITE Spirit and inspiration and the divine. Also can be substituted for any other color.
RED Power, passion, courage, strife, will. FIRE
GREEN Healing, Nurturing, Recovery, Money. EARTH
YELLOW Health, success, vitality, business, AIR
ORANGE Communication, commerce, concentration, the mind, decisions
BLUE Abundance, justice, luck, expansion, joviality, WATER
PINK Love, sex, seduction
BROWN Stability, strength, perseverance, work
PURPLE Psychic powers, divination, dream work, astral travel
SILVER The moon, The Goddess
GOLD The Sun, The horned God
GREY Duality, compromise, balance