Brass Hecate Wheel amulet Cuff Bracelet with cross hatching hand crafted

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Hand crafted unique brass amulet cuff bracelet for witchcraft, paganism and wicca. Hand made by our pagan blacksmith. Crafted by hand, patterned, and polished, stamped with Celtic, witchcraft, druid, heathen and wicca designs.
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Hand crafted by Paul at his forge in Michigan.

Paul’s hand crafted witchcraft bracelets are very popular! They are stamped with a pagan symbol onto a blank cut by Paul by hand. They are then hand shaped on a grinder and beveled. Paul then has various specialist pattern hammers that create the effect of ripples, craters, crosses and other designs. Then highly polished.

This is a medium sized one with a Hecate Wheel and a cross hatched finish. It is made from a 7 inch long length of brass. The inside width across the wrist is 2 inches and 1/2. The depth/thickness of the inside wrist is 1 and 3/4 inches. The distance between the cuff ends for the wrist to slip into is 1 inch.

Every piece is unique. These are literally made by hand by a working USA pagan blacksmith and NOT a cheap knock off mass produced by a machine press in India or China! Nor are these nasty cheap plated!

A gorgeous and very unique hand forged ritual jewelry adornment and amulet for pagans, heathens, witches, wiccans, asatru and lovers of things Celtic and magick!

Just like silver, brass and brass do tarnish. But vinegar or silver polish or brass/metal polish will bring  them right back to their original color and shine in minutes!