Druzy Agate Geode Slice Pendant Necklace On Wax Cord

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Pretty and unusual druzy agate geode slice necklace on wax cord. Sacred to Mercury, god of magick, Agate brings power and balance, intuition and inner strength. A power healing crystal for wicca, witchcraft, pagans, energy workers and crystal healers.
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Each of these necklaces is unique as they are literally slices of naturally occurring agate geodes. Each is a little different in size and color! Therefore you will not get the exact one in the picture but we will hand select the prettiest and finest one we have in stock for your order!

Approximately 1.t to 2 inches long and approx. 1.25 inches wide.

Agate is sacred to Mercury, Lord of Magicks and communication! A perfect crystal for witches and wiccans and all practitioners of the magick artes! 

Druzy agate is associated with peace, love, intuition, stress-relief, and a stronger sense of self-worth and inner strength. It is a crystal that brings balance and a sense of soothing.