Cinnabar in Scapolite

Cinnabar crystal for Wicca, Witchcraft, Paganism and Crystal Healing. Associated with alchemy, magic, transformation, insight, manifestation, wealth and mental agility. Carry as an Amulet, Talisman, in a Mojo Bag, or use in Ritual.
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Cinnabar is a transformation stone that can push one on an internal expedition of truth, change, and self discovery. Helps to align life force energy with one's true higher self, making the path in which you set out on more easily understood. One will become more in touch with their spiritual body. This will allow our spiritual body to make decisions, rather than our easily distracted minds.

Another great quality of Cinnabar that one can benefit from is the ability to take control of their actions. This slight change can benefit all aspects of your life, and drastically change the path you take. One’s ability to control themselves, through willpower and determination, will lead them to one of the most powerful abilities of the human mind; manifesting your destiny. This is something no other being on this planet can do, except for you. You are the only true visionary for yourself as no other soul can see, feel or embody the real you. Let Cinnabar’s energy show you the power you have within, through deep meditative sessions that bring to life the “real” you.


Root and Sacral


Pluto and Sun






We have a large inventory and will hand pick the nicest one we have in stock for your order.

The size of each piece is approximately 1” by ¾” by 3/4” BUT, as our suppliers sometimes vary the size of the stones we receive, they may be slightly larger or smaller than this.