Candlemas & Imbolic

Merry Meet everyone. I’m sharing a YouTube video from last year’s Candelaria on line event. In this presentation, you will find out more about just how close geographically we are with other countries when it comes to our Goddess Brigit. And since Candlemas/imbolic approaches, I thought it would be a good time to share.


And here is yet another treat on the eve of our Goddess Brigid’s Day. At Candelaria last February, Ian Corrigan presented the following.

Ian discussed the archaic origins of the figure of Brigid – Gaelic Goddess and Irish Saint – as a Goddess of Hearth and Well. He spoke about his spirit-work with Brigid, and led us in a simple visionary invocation, which you can do tonight or tomorrow in our Goddess’s honor. Thank you, Ian Corrigan, for allowing us to share this presentation here on this special night.


Pat Camarena Rose Barbary