Prophecy Stone

A powerful stone for grounding light energy in the physical body. As its name implies, Prophecy Stones help those who seek guidance from higher realms regarding the future.
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Prophecy stone is an uncommon, pretty phenomenal stone that can resolve the past, brighten the present, and enlighten the future. This crystal's energy enables light energy grounding, spiritual awakening, and prophesizing. It highly benefits spiritual practitioners, fortune tellers, intuitive readers, psychics, people on their spiritual journey, and people with depression, hopelessness, and anxiety.

The name and significance of the prophecy stones originate from their perceived supernatural powers. Legend has it that a man who found the stone and slept on it for several days, mysteriously gained the ability to foresee future events.

Prophecy stone can only be spotted in Botswana and Egypt, specifically only in the Sahara desert and the White desert.

Typically they come in the colors brown, gray, and black.

Prophecy stone is a false mineral form of Limonite-Hematite after the process and substitution of Marcasite.

Since it’s a pseudomorph, it takes the original shape remains and physical form of Limonite and hematite mineral leftover from Marcasite or Pyrite. 

Some believe that this crystal stone with a very high vibration is a Seeker and Transformer stone. In spirituality, it means it can aid in a radical shift in one’s life according to its divine purpose.