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Hand carved wooden wand. The wood was responsibly and respectfully cut from a branch of one of the classic trees of Celtic tree lore in America after asking and blessing the tree. Seasoned for a year and then carved and sanded. For witchcraft and wicca.
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This wand is approximately 15 inches in length.

Sacred to the Moon and therefore all luna goddesses. Willow is also sacred to the element of water. An excellent ritual tool for getting in touch with your emotions, empathy and psychic skills.

The Greek poet Orpheus carried willow branches on his adventures in the Underworld. Apollo gave him a lyre, and it is interesting to note that harps (including the Highland harp) were often carved from willow.

The Gaelic word for willow is seileach. This features in place names such as Achnashellach in Ross-shire, Glensuileag in Inverness-shire and Corrieshalloch on Speyside. These names would have referred to both the presence of willow and its related industries. Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow also has connections with this tree. Saugh is Scots for willow and haugh is a boggy meadow. Charles Rennie Mackintosh named his Willow Tea-room as a nod to this association.

Willow regrows with vigour when it is cut back and can grow several feet in a season. It also grows well if you push a healthy cutting into the soil (even if it is upside down!). These properties came to symbolise renewal, vitality and immortality in China and elsewhere.

It may be interesting to note here the connection between the word, Willow, and the terms Wicce, Witchcraft, and wicker. Willow has long been associated with Witches and there is also the association of wicker with Druidry. Since Wicce actually means to bend it is not a far jump to make the connection between the two.

According to Druidic mysteries, two scarlet snake eggs were hidden within the Willow. The Universe was hatched from these two eggs, one containing the Sun, the other the Earth, relating to both cosmic birth and the birth of mankind. Traditionally, in spring rituals, these were replaced by hens’ eggs, coloured scarlet for the Sun and eaten at Beltane. This act transferred later to the Christian celebration of Easter.

Primrose and Mistletoe are associated with Saille in connection to Druidic practice. The Primrose was used in the initiation of the Bard; a draught of Vervain and Primrose imbibed in order to confer inspiration. Oil of Primrose was also used to cleanse and purify prior to ritual. Willow is also the more common host for Mistletoe, with this plant found growing on Willow and Poplar (a cousin) more often than on the traditional Oak.

The Celtic word Saille itself became the word sally, meaning a sudden outburst of action, expression or emotion. This word may also suggest an excursion or a jaunt as well as a retort but it can be used to describe a more violent action by troops. It is also derived from the Old French word, saille, meaning to rush out suddenly. These words all reflect the spirit of potential symbolized by the Willow.

Brigid has Her Fire festival, Imbolc, or Brigantia, during the Willow month.

Even the Seneca of North America seem to have had a lengthy relationship with this Tree, calling Her ‘The Whispering One’.

Paul and Pat’s Covenstead in Michigan has a large pond and Elders LOVE water, so we are blessed with an abundance of these important goddess trees!! Paul tries to preserve as much of the under bark as he can, it makes for a much more beautiful ritual tool!

Each of Paul's wands are unique. There is no plan beforehand, the wand is allowed to manifest as it wills, Paul just helps it along.

Wood is of course a natural product. Paul works with the branch, interesting boles, cracks, are incorporated and left by design. Paul also never removes all the bark, as like skin it comes in many layers and some of the lower layers have their own gorgeous color and details!
Oiled with one of our award winning Luna Ignis brand range of anointing oils to protect the wood and make the grain pop!

Long before Paul was ever a blacksmith he carved and was a wandsmith. Before even Artes And Craft opened as a witchcraft store, Paul was making wands and selling them at pagan festivals and gifting them to friends. Being English, Paul would often cut wood when visiting England and return to the USA with some of the most famous classical Celtic magick woods of Ogham lore. In fact, this was one of the founding principles of Artes And Craft, was to bring beautiful ritual tools and goodies from the old world to pagans in the new world. Paul loves crafting heirloom quality unique ritual tools for pagans, druids, ceremonial magicians, Traditional witchcraft and wicca.