Luna Ignis Graveyard Yew Keppen with waists

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Hand carved wooden keppen mini wand. The wood was responsibly and respectfully cut from a branch of one of the classic trees of Celtic tree lore in both England and America after blessing the tree. Seasoned for a year and then hand carved and sanded.
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This keppen is approximately 4 inches in length.

Keppens are very traditional English cottage witchcraft. Wands have a very ceremonial magick history, many of the old grimoires have instructions for cutting and making wands. Traditional cottage witches in the west of England used “keppens” instead. They are basically a mini or pocket wand. The type of wood used lends power to the spell based on Ogham tree lore… So Oak for success, blackthorn for cursing, birch for healing, apple for love, alder for protection and so on. Easily concealed in the hand, pocket or purse they are highly portable and can be used discretely even in public or the workplace!

Close to where Paul grew up in the county of Kent in England there is an ancient church on a ley line. It was a place of druids and Saxons before the coming of Christianity. The church is named after a 9th century Saxon princess with a very pagan folk story about her magick white stag. In the graveyard is a huge and ancient grandfather Yew tree. Paul hand cuts the wood after first blessing the tree and assuring it that its gift will be turned into a beautiful and powerful heirloom tool. The wood is always cut cleanly so as to not hurt the tree. It is seasoned for over a year.

Celts and druids worshipped in groves, and planted yews as their sacred trees. Many ancient churches in England were deliberately placed on top of the old Celtic groves and the old Yew trees remain.

Yew is also the most sacred tree to Hecate and is also sacred to the forces of Saturn and is used for Necromancy.

Devotees of Hecate or practitioners of Necromancy will love these unique handmade heirloom ritual witchcraft keppens. Hecate is a liminal goddess and crosses the realms between the living and the dead, very helpful not just for necromancy, but Hecate is also queen of the witches. No wonder this is one of the most popular keppens that Paul crafts!

Each of Paul's keppens are unique. There is no plan beforehand, the keppen is allowed to manifest as it wills, Paul just helps it along.

Wood is of course a natural product. Paul works with the branch, interesting boles, cracks, are incorporated and left by design. Paul also never removes all the bark, as like skin it comes in many layers and some of the lower layers have their own gorgeous color and details!

Oiled with one of our award winning Luna Ignis brand range of anointing oils to protect the wood and make the grain pop!

Long before Paul was ever a blacksmith he carved and was a wandsmith. Before even Artes And Craft opened as a witchcraft store, Paul was making keppens and wands and selling them at pagan festivals and gifting them to friends. Being English, Paul would often cut wood when visiting England and return to the USA with some of the most famous classical Celtic magick woods of Ogham lore. In fact, this was one of the founding principles of Artes And Craft, was to bring beautiful ritual tools and goodies from the old world to pagans in the new world. Paul loves crafting heirloom quality unique ritual tools for pagans, druids, ceremonial magicians, Traditional witchcraft and wicca.