Luna Ignis Hand Forged Stang With Labradorite Eye

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Hand forged unique artisan stang set with a crystal, forged by our pagan blacksmith for traditional witchcraft, wicca and ceremonial magick. Forged from a single piece of iron this is an heirloom quality ritual tool and weapon. For Traditional Witchcraft
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This stang, perfect for traditional witchcraft, ceremonial high magick  and wicca was forged from a single piece of iron bar.  It is a fetish of the horned god. Often a candle is set between the horns to represent “the light betwixt”.

Much used in the Cochrane tradition and Clan Tubal Cane current of traditional English witchcraft and also there are examples in the Museum of Witchcraft in Cornwall.

Used as a staff, and therefore for walking in liminal places and gathering the sprowl, the power of the land. Can be used to scratch a circle in the ground or seashore when working outside and can be set in the ground in the north to represent the horned god.

69.5 Inches high! Approx 5 3/4 feet tall!

Also stamped on all sides with the Ingwaz rune for the horned god and also the Tir and Kenaz runes.

The twisted monochromatic shaft represents the light and the dark, and the twisting changing nature of magick.

A crystal has been set in the stang as the “eye” and the power of the crystal sphere’s metaphysical properties lends its own power also to this ritual weapon.

Unique hand forged heirloom quality stang by our pagan blacksmith. Paul is a practitioner of traditional witchcraft and ceremonial magick.

Iron is sacred to Mars.

The Tubal Cain mythos also has iron as a tool of our will and apostasy, Yahweh after the expulsion from Eden told Adam and Eve they would have to scrabble among the thorns for their food... But Tubal Cain, 7th son of Cain had other ideas and discovered the working of iron and became the first blacksmith. To the Tubal Cain currents of witchcraft iron is therefore a tool of our will.

In Traditional English cottage witchcraft the Fae Folk are scared of iron and therefore iron tools can be used to protect against or control the Fae.

Each of Paul's stangs are unique. There is no plan beforehand, the stang is allowed to manifest as it wills, Paul just helps it along.