Luna Ignis Ceramic Incense Burner Pink Heart

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These gorgeous incense burners are for resin incense such as our famous Luna Ignis Brand. These are hand thrown and hand glazed, so each is unique! The ceramic base prevents the surface getting scorched and makes a fine handle for censing sacred space.
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Once upon a time, many many moons ago, in dear old witchy Glastonbury, Paul happened upon a store that sold unique incense burners and fine resin incense blends for burning in witchcraft rituals. They inspired Paul to decades later create the famous and award-winning Luna Ignis brand of fine resin incense. When Pat and Paul opened Artes And Craft they were on a mission to find a witch potter who could make similar but unique ceramic incense burners!

And so, Lynne was found and commissioned, and has been making our ritual incense burners, oil diffusers, ceramic chalices and ink bottles ever since!

Lynne hand throws each piece on her potter’s wheel! Decorates them with symbols and sigils! And glazes them by hand before firing!

Gorgeous and practical! The stem makes a fine handle that never gets too hot for censing sacred space and never burns the surface the burner stands upon. The wide bowl prevents mess. A beautiful edition to any witches or pagan altar.

Famous authors such as Jason Mankey and Thorn Mooney both own one of our incense burners!

Each is approximately 3.5 Inches high and 4 inches in diameter – although as each is unique and hand thrown so this may vary by as much as half an inch.

Use with our famous and award-winning Luna Ignis fine resin incense blends and burn on Three Kings Charcoal (the best brand and the only one Artes And Craft carries)