Brass Torc Hand Crafted Large no2

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Hand crafted unique brass Torc for witchcraft, paganism and wicca. Hand made by our pagan blacksmith. Crafted by hand, beveled, and polished. A form of ancient mystical magickal Celtic neckwear for druids and witches, see the golden torc of Cernunnos.
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Hand crafted by Paul at his forge in Michigan.

Paul’s hand crafted witchcraft Torcs are very popular! A blank is first cut by Paul by hand from round brass bar stock. With annealing and careful work (brass is very brittle) Paul first crafts the scrolled ends. They are then hammered, and hand rounded over the horn of the anvil. Finally carefully polished until the brass looks like GOLD!

This one is large, suitable for up to a 17" neck circumference, the neck opening is 3.25 inches across. 

How to put on your Torc:.. Grasp it by the back and put it halfway between the back and side of your neck. if 12 o'clock is straight ahead at the front then you want to be putting your torc on at either the 4 or 8 o clock angle depending on if you are right or left handed,  push it diagonally forward. and then center it. To remove do the same but backwardly. If its a little snug when putting it on or off then its kinda like a big spring, so grasp it by the scrolled ends and pull it open more and it should slide on and off easier.

Every piece is unique. These are literally made by hand by a working USA pagan blacksmith and NOT a cheap knock off mass produced by a machine press in India or China! Nor are these nasty cheap plated!
A gorgeous and very unique hand forged ritual jewelry torc and amulet for pagans, heathens, witches, wiccans, asatru and lovers of things Celtic and magick!