Cast Iron Chalice - Tree of Life

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These Cast Iron chalices are for altars and ritual and represent the element of water and the goddess. Heavy and substantial these are big chalices! Iron represents the sacred male and Water the feminine. For witchy libations, potions and liquid offerings
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The chalice is one of the four principle tools or weapons of modern witchcraft, traditional witchcraft and ceremonial magick…..

“With the Wand createth He/She. With the Cup preserveth He/She. With the Dagger destroyeth He/She. With the pentacle redeemeth He/She.”

The chalice represents the element of water, the womb, therefore the font of life and creation, nurturing and healing. It is used for witchy libations such as consecrated Wine. Ale or Mead or fruit juice during ritual. It can also be used for charging potions or philtrons before drinking them, also as symbols of fertility or healing in health and love spells. As a symbol of the womb it is also a symbol or idol of the divine feminine and all goddesses.

Iron may seem a strange choice but is very male and therefore a symbol of the divine male and female  forces conjoined, suggesting sexual alchemy,

These large iron chalices are 7.5 inches high and 4 inches in diameter.