Brass and Ebony Large Athame Hecate Wheel

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Hand crafted unique artisan brass athame or witches dagger, made by our pagan blacksmith for traditional witchcraft, wicca and ceremonial magick. Made with brass, this is an heirloom quality ritual tool and weapon. The handle is real African ebony.
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This athame, perfect for traditional witchcraft, ceremonial high magick  and wicca was crafted from a single piece brass bar. 11 inches in total length, of which the blade is 6.5 inches.

The handle is real African Gaboon Ebony. Which is expensive and this is represented in the price. Ceremonial magicians who follow grimoire traditions, and also Wiccans and traditional cunning craft witches, will appreciate a real black hilted dagger and ritual tool.

Unique hand made heirloom quality athame by our pagan blacksmith. Paul is a practitioner of traditional witchcraft and ceremonial magick.

Brass is sacred to The Sun and so is great for spells and ritual work for success, strength, prosperity, and health.

In Ceremonial magick and some witchcraft traditions the dagger or athame represents the element of air and therefore used to control, banish, or destroy.

In some Wicca traditions the athame represents the element of fire and is perfect for a weapon of manifestation and circle casting.