BOGO Luna Ignis Incense - Practical Magick Series (Nine for the Price of Six)

Handmade and award-winning fine resin based incense for traditional witchcraft, wicca, and the occult. Made with intention according to correspondences and the ingredients in our famous apothecary. Awarded Pagan Product Of The Year! Sensual and powerful!
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These are our BOGO deals! Where buying several bottles you get some free! We have grouped them by theme or intentions!

This series is the Practical Magick Series and has our super popular incense blends for all of your spell workings... You pay for six and get three FREE!

Courage for invoking strength, victory, justice, mercy, and a successful outcome.

Banish for clearing spaces of negative energies and exorcisms; wiping the slate clean ready for the new.

Magick for when your ritual intent is for fast manifestation, important news, healing, cunning, or liminal workings.

Fortune for when the wheel of fortune needs a push the right way.

Scry for bringing tranquility and peace; assists with vision work and divination work.

Heal for healing the mind and body; burn it in workings to restore health to you or others.

Hex for spirit work and contacting entities; burn when revenge is required or someone harmful just has it coming.

Love for invoking desire and the passionate virtues of the goddess of love and raising the libido; burn to bring, strengthen, or make love.

Dream Flight for ensuring a rich night of lucid, vivid dreams; accessing the astral realm; prophetic dream work; clearly remembering dreams; useful for meditation and guided vision work.

Hand made by Pat and Paul, who are skilled initiates, and lovers of fine resins. Paul was taught incense blending 20 years ago by a true Master Of The Temple, Frater Upowat of Aum Ha Lodge in Chicago.

Paul only buys the finest resins from specialist importers. Our apothecary boasts 14 types of frankincense, 5 copals, many sandalwoods and rare resins that many have never even heard of. These are skillfully combined with magickal intention and correspondences for the enjoyment and use in ritual by practitioners everywhere!

Luna Ignis incense blends were awarded Pagan Product Of The year by Jason Mankey, they are also endorsed and loved by Thorn Mooney and other well known witches!

We use the very finest resins, herbs, essential oils and aromatic woods from all over the world. Each blend is designed for a specific intent or devotional purpose, using cabbalistic and traditional correspondences to ensure the ingredients perfectly align.

Burned on Charcoal disks, which are also available on our web store, once you smell fine resin incense you will realize what a step up it is from stick and cone incense!

Add power to your ritual and fall in love with the fragrances! These will please the gods and goddesses and forces  you invoke. For serious practitioners of ritual magick, wicca, traditional witchcraft and ceremonial magick and the occult.