Balaji Mystick Wolf

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Balaji is one of India’s highest quality makers of fine stick incense. A little more expensive than the usual brands, but you will know why when you burn it. The smells are intense and NOT at all generic, super strong that will linger for a day or two.
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The Wolf is often associated with freedom, wild spirits adventure and is said to have a powerful spiritual totem energy that would act as a guide to help find their life path as well as welcome change, as the wolf teaches us to trust our instincts, but also trusting those around us. This blend can help connect us to our inner nature with its cleansing and refreshing notes reminiscent of the invigorating winter air of great wilderness.

15 gram box containing approximately 15 sticks.

Balaji is one of Paul’s preferred brands that he has insisted on in his own ritual magick practice long before Artes And Craft came into being. High quality and very strong. Exotic and heady, the smell of even half a stick can last for days. This is NOT one of those cheap brands where you can smell the base oil underneath or that smell samey. These are very much WOW and in your face. Perfect for the witch, wiccan or ritual worker who believes that the gods and goddesses deserve a rich and powerful offering.

With over 500 products being exported to over 30 countries as of 2021, Balaji Agarbatti Company was originally established in 1957 as a maker and seller of incense sticks. A name that is today, synonymous with high quality products and patronage that has lasted for more than seven decades.

An additional matter of pride for all of us at Balaji, lies in the fact that our workforce largely comprises of women, who make up almost 70% of the number. Not only are these wonderful women the real back-bone of Balaji as a business, their livelihood is also a source of income, stability and status for them – with most of them being from rural regions – and most importantly, earns them dignity and respect, wherever they go.